ADB installer on Computer

ADB installer on Computer

You do not know how to quickly and easily download and install the ADB utility (+ Fastboot) to your computer and run? Website Guideroot prepared a convenient installer and detailed video instructions for installing and running the utility for Android, called ADB.

With the help of the installer can quickly set the tool to debug Android – ADB

, without the need to install the entire development package Android SDK.

Download ADB Installer

ADB installer on Computer

Installation is in the root directory C: \ (C: \ adb)

It is also possible to use Adb Run program (Recommended for all beginners), which facilitates interaction with the ADB.

For those who first encounters with the ADB urged to read the ADB commands – by ADB commands Instruction.

That’s all! More articles and instructions, see the section Articles & Hacks Android. Stay with site Guideroot, it will be even more interesting!

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