How to remove the right to Root Android

How to remove the right to Root Android

If you decide to remove root access to the android tablet or smartphone, then this guide, what you need.

We have repeatedly written, what root access on android, how to get root access on android and why they are needed. Today we’ll show you how to remove the root with the android and why you may need to remove them.

The reasons that may be needed to remove the root access on Android

1. Sometimes, after getting Root rights, the device can not start to work stably, spontaneously reboot or hang. The solution may be – data reset (hard reset), flashing android, or you can try to remove root access to the android, that all was as before.
2. If your device is broken not your fault, but the guarantee is not over, then before contacting a service center is better to remove root access to the android ץ If they find the service center, you pierced your gadget custom firmware or received root, the guarantee is lost.
3. There is a misconception that devices with Root privileges are more susceptible to viruses, and abandoning them, your android device becomes less vulnerable.

Deleting fully root access on Android


Install the application Root Browser Lite.
2. Launch the application and follow the path / System / bin, If there are files busybox and su remove.
3. Go to / System / xbin and repeat step above, if there is a folder .su, delete it, too.
4. Restart the device.
5. If you have the app-admin root SuperSu, run it and select settings Delete Root.
6. If you are getting root access you set a custom Recovery, flash the original with the official firmware of your device. It is advisable to flash android entirely.

If after removing the root access your android still buggy

1. Make wipe android.
2. Format the microSD card and internal memory.
3. If the items above have not helped, reflash your android phone or tablet.

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