Presentation of Android 4.3 – what’s new?

July 24, 2013 the presentation of the new version Android 4.3. What’s new in Android 4.3, as well as watch  presentation can, look at this entry.
The list  Android 4.3 includes the following changes:
–   when the user turns off the Wi-Fi, it  It will run a certain time. It is necessary to improve the quality of navigation services and applications. Such programs will be able to – independently activate the wireless connection regardless of the position of the switch;
–  support energy-efficient protocol Bluetooth Low Energy. It is used to communicate over short distances;
– New opportunities for developers to otladkm and improve applications;

– Authorization under different polzvtelyami
– Child protection
– Improved nomeronaberatel
– Finalized the standard system font «Roboto» ;
–  the ability to change the tone and frequency of beeps when dialing;
– update  camera;
– When sending a screenshot in the subject field is automatically set its date semki.Ofitsialno Android 4.3 will be shown to the public, together with the presentation of the new Google Nexus tablet.

Presentation of Android 4.3 - what's new?


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