The battery does not charge for Android, what to do?

The battery does not charge for Android, what to do?

Absolutely all the equipment is subject to breakage, not the exception of our favorite Android smartphones and tablets! If you suddenly stop charging the battery on Android, in this article you will find all the ways to solve this problem!

One of the most popular smartphones and tablets failures is the inability to charge the battery. Many people immediately go to the service center to fix the problem, but first it is all the same to solve the problem yourself!

The battery does not charge for Android, what to do?

1. Charging Cable

The very first problem is why can not charge the battery is charging cable (data cable). If you do accidentally pulled strongly, quite a long time use, or it is a cheap cable, then the very first it’s worth checking it.

2. Charger

If you are one of those who does not take out a charging socket after the Android charge, then be prepared that sooner or later this will be charged in the idle state. Also pay attention to the fact that the charging of different manufacturers may be incompatible, it is due to the current difference (amp), and the output voltage (volts).

3. Contamination and oxidation on the contacts

If you are not in a perfectly sterile environment, and love to take your Android smartphone or tablet to the bathroom, maybe you can be faced with the fact that the pins in the socket device may be covered with dirt or oxides.

Perform a visual inspection and, if so, then you need to be cleaned. You will need to remove the dirt and oxidation:

  • Balonchik compressed air
  • An old toothbrush or a thin needle
  • Alcohol

Clean the maximum slowly and carefully, after the device should be turned off and remove the battery as much as possible (if the construction).

4. Charging socket

Very Popular problem on cheap smartphones and tablets poor connection socket charging with the main smartphone or tablet card. Jack off and just simply hang out as a result charge the gadget does not occur.

5. Old battery

If you use your Android is already too long ago, the failure may lies in the fact that the battery has deteriorated and out of the situation will be just one, buying a new battery.

6. Strong battery discharge

If you absolutely squeezed «all the juices» and your battery is dead on Android is very strong, then you may suffer the problem of the impossibility of its charge. Development options may be two. The first is to buy a new battery, the second option – is to find a fairly powerful charger (a large number of issued amperes) and leave to charge for a few hours. Also, to enhance the effect, you can warm the battery hairdryer, then a chance of revival battery can succeed. It should be as accurate as all batteries are Li-ion, and lithium is the fire and the fire hazard.

7. Charge the cold

If you try to charge your Android smartphone or tablet at a temperature below 0 ° C, but to harm battery, you will not achieve anything. Charge only at room temperature of more than + 5 ° C.

8. Program crashes

Rarely, but still it happens, Android stops charging due to a software failure, and there is only one way out, full data reset.

That’s all! More articles and instructions, see the section Articles & Hacks Android. Stay with site Guideroot, it will be even more interesting!

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