10-inch Amazon Kindle Fire appeared on the renderers

It was a long time since Amazon launched Kindle Fire line device, particularly when it comes to the Kindle tablet series. Until now, some rumors circulated on the network that Amazon will update the assortment of tablets, however, more specific information has not appeared.

10-inch Amazon Kindle Fire appeared on the renderers

The report, surfaced at the beginning of last week, he told us that Amazon plans to release a 6-inch Kindle Fire tablet later this year, which is likely to come on the market for about $ 50. The report also referred to the 8-inch and 10-inch version of the new Fire, and it seems today we get an idea of ​​the larger version.

According to the leaked images, we can see that Amazon has decided to change the design of the new generation. Placing the front camera has become a tradition, and focuses on portrait tablet mode. At the top of the tablet placed pitantya button and volume keys, which we usually do not see in the Android-tablet.

Unfortunately, there is all the information that is known. But we look forward to more information from leaks and teasers Amazon.

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