14 Anonymous Android N functions

14 Anonymous Android N functions

The first assembly of Android N Developer’s Preview was announced last week, and since then, we learn a new operating system to find out what’s new Google have prepared us. So, now we have the opportunity to learn about the 14 functions that are not so easy to notice.

14 Anonymous Android N functions

To start, you need to activate the System UI Tuner option in the setup menu, activate developer mode. When you activate the tedious for developers to open the Quick Access Toolbar and hold the icon of the settings in the form of gears.

When you release the icon, you are notified that the System UI Tuner is activated. Once activated, you can find the appropriate tab at the bottom of the list of main parameters, just below the developer options.

Percentage of battery

While you can find the battery charge percentage in the Android Marshmallow, Android N gives you much more control over it. To do this, go to the settings the status bar and click on the tab “Battery”. You can choose the display mode, disable it in general, but also to put a default value, for example, to show it when connected to the charger.

clock display

Similarly, working hours option display, where you will find the option display hours, minutes and seconds in the status bar display on or off, and you can set the time format.

dark mode

The Android N can activate the system-wide dark mode which can be activated by selecting the option «Night mode». If you turn it on, it will get dark menu, but also adds an orange / yellow tint, for easy reading (it can be turned off). You can also activate the switch to mode is not switched off the next morning.

Calibration screen

Now you can calibrate the red, green and blue display levels.

split screen mode

If you activate the function, ssmozhete run split screen mode simply by swiping the icon of recent applications button.

Landscape mode split screen

The peculiarity of this feature is that when it is active, you can rotate the phone horizontally, and your home screen and the icons will be rotated accordingly.

Drag and drop text

In split screen mode, you can drag text from one window to another. To do this, you will need to select the text, hold down and drag it to another window.

Priority notifications

You can swipe your finger left or right to access the settings of notifications, which can change the priority or disable notifications from a specific application.

Information in Emergencies

Users have the option to enter your name and address, information about allergies or medical conditions, any, if there will be an emergency. If someone finds your phone, you can click on “emergency“ label and find the necessary information.

Most font size options

The Android N not only can you change the font size, and DPI.

Cancel downloads

Users can cancel the download directly from the download manager curtain notifications.

Multiple concurrent system languages

Android N also allows you to install several languages, and now applications such as the Chrome, will not offer to transfer the contents of the websites in those languages.

Attaching the applications menu “Share”

It allows you to attach certain applications that you frequently use to share specific files.

Fixed function “Do not disturb“

The Android N were various options for the mode “Do not disturb“.

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