15000 HTC Vive were sold in 10 minutes

Although virtual reality headset from HTC costs $ 799 and requires a powerful computer to run the VR software, that has not stopped many people from pre-order the device.

15000 HTC Vive were sold in 10 minutes

HTC has made HTC Vive available for pre-order yesterday and according to HTC employee, Shen Ye, it has sold 15,000 units of the devices in less than ten minutes.

According to Shen Ye, the price components Recommended PC came out surprisingly low price for the VR to the device.

HTC Vive of HDM comes with two wireless controllers, two “base stations” motion sensors, link box to connect the headset to the computer and headphones Vive.

For a limited time in the set of Vive also includes three games: Simulator, Tilt Brush and Fantastic Contraption.

Of course, now such a device is expensive, but this is one of the first complete solutions on the market and taking into account the speed of development of a segment of virtual reality and the number of producers who are going to enter the VR market, we can expect that in the near future the cost on such technologies will only decrease.

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