4 Phantom – a new drone from the market leader

4 Phantom - a new drone from the market leader

There is no doubt that the drones are a new promising market. And of course, each segment has its own leaders. As for the drones, the leader in this market is considered to be the company DJI and a series of drone Phantom.

4 Phantom - a new drone from the market leader

Last year the company announced the Phantom 3, which quickly gained popularity among the various users. Therefore, the release of the next-generation device was only a matter of time. Today announced a completely new DJI Phantom 4, which contains a bunch of improvements and new technology as compared with earlier models.

Although Phantom 4 is very similar to its predecessors, almost every aspect of it has been affected or completely redesigned. Chassis drone flock both stronger and lighter thanks to the magnesium that should help in the event of a collision and increase the longevity of the machine.

Also, there are more efficient engines that have been raised over the lens, so that the propeller should never appear in the frame of the camera. This was a common problem Phantom 3, who was leaning forward when flying at full speed. Most people solved this problem by tilting the camera down, but it is not always conducive to good shots.

4 Phantom - a new drone from the market leader

Speaking of speed, in 4 Phantom, a new Sport mode that allows the device to reach a top speed of 44 miles per hour, which is significantly higher than 35 miles per hour in the previous model. The maximum range is also increased and now accounts for 5 km.

And of course, many people are interested in the drone flight time. If Phantom 3 could fly on a full charge of 23 minutes, while the Phantom 4 increased to 28 minutes – about 25% longer. Many pilots say, that can be squeezed out of the device, even 30 minutes under ideal conditions.

Although all the numbers have improved significantly, one of the best features 4 Phantom is a completely new set of sonar sensors on the front and bottom of the gadget. They are used for collision avoidance, and can detect objects up to 50 feet away from the drone. This may put an end to a YouTube video that collide with buildings or entangled in the trees.

Since the machine is popular among photographers, it is also important to note improved camera. The image sensor supports a resolution of up to 4K at 30 FPS, while the permission from at 1080p, you can record video at 120 frames per second.

Phantom 4 available for pre-order in the DJI store for $ 1,399. Also, the manufacturer will continue to sell Phantom 3, which is currently being offered at a discount.

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