5 Updates WhatsApp added many features

Today WhatsApp was a very fruitful day, as in the last 24 hours 5 update has been released for the application, repeatedly adding new «features».

5 Updates WhatsApp added many features

The most significant change in this update is the addition of a series of new user notification settings. When you open the details of the contact group, or you can see a new section for the control of the notification sounds. Now you can turn the sound off for 8 hours a week or even a year. Below settled settings to customize notifications. There is an opportunity to pick up a certain tone notification, vibration length and color of the indicator switch «floating» messages. The same options are available for calls.

Another addition is the ability to mark the message as unread. This will help you remember to what the message you want to come back later.

Finally, WhatsApp has received two important functions in the application settings. The first – to save traffic. This will help to comfortably use WhatsApp, when you have a slow connection or limitirvanny plan. Second – Backup messages and pictures in Google Drive with the ability to further recovery. While the second function is in beta mode, but we hope for a speedy revision of its.

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