A brief overview of AMD Radeon R9 370 «Trinidad Pro»

As reported by foreign sources, AMD and its partners began final preparations for the emergence of GPU Radeon new generation. One of the leading suppliers of Radeon, the company XFX, already included Radeon R9 370 on the chip Trinidad Pro to catalog its products. Known resource VideoCardz published an interesting excerpt from the list of new products XFX, and according to it, the company is working on two models Radeon R9 370. One of them will be equipped with two gigabytes of graphics memory GDDR5, the other will receive a full-fledged four gigabytes.

It is expected that the new card should be available in early April, which contradicts information from AMD, according to which the entire line of Radeon R9 300 should be announced simultaneously. Both new XFX are on board chip Trinidad Pro, which has a 256-bit memory bus. They use a short and relatively simple six-layer printed circuit board (the length of the order of 167 mm) with a six-pole power connector, which implies that the Radeon R9 370 is quite economical. Apparently, the cost Radeon R9 370 will be significantly less than two hundred dollars. It is expected that Trinidad will be based on the architecture GCN 1.2 or 1.3, but, unfortunately, on this our knowledge about this chip and end.

Probably full version called Trinidad XT get 24 or 26 computing clusters GCN, which means 1536 or 1664 stream processors. What will be the configuration of Trinidad Pro — unknown. If the information on the timing of the announcement Radeon R9 370 true and AMD plans to release this decision in early April, then, apparently, the company has made significant changes in their plans. Previously, it happened that AMD announced massive graphics processing separately from high-powered models, but the meaning of such behavior a bit. Chips in this class rarely attract much attention, no matter how technologically advanced they are not.

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