A new Android-virus that is difficult to remove

The company Lookout has found a new kind of adware virus, which becomes the system application after installation. This makes it protected by any conventional means of removal, even from a factory reset.

A new Android-virus that is difficult to remove

Lookout announced that a family of Trojans hidden inside legitimate applications, such as Candy Crush, Google Now, Facebook, NYTimes, Okta, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more than 20,000 others. Infected versions of these applications are not available in Google Play, and must be downloaded from third-party stores.

Because most instances of this malware application is left almost unaltered form, users may not notice the difference between the ordinary and the infected program.

The highest rates of malware infection have been discovered in the United States, Germany, Iran, Russia, India, Jamaica, Sudan, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia.

However, although the situation may seem dire, in fact, the probability of infection by this Trojan is probably quite low. As already mentioned, these infected applications are third-party stores, so if the user will use the Google Play – no reason to worry.

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