Adidas acquired fitness app Runtastic

Adidas joined the arms race in the fitness segment with the acquisition of fitness applications Runtastic for $ 240 million.
The transaction, which took place on Wednesday, will allow Adidas to quickly catch up positions in gearboxes of the fastest growing trends in fitness and athletics.

Adidas acquired fitness app Runtastic

Fitness programs have become one of the fastest growing application segments. One study showed that the profit from applications on the market «fitness» 2017 will be $ 26 billion.

Software that monitors activity has become a necessity for today’s sportswear companies in order to allow users to combine their training with advanced technology, which can ensure the effectiveness of ternirovok. For February, Under Armour MyFitnessPal bought for $ 475 million. Nike also has its own fitness app Nike +.

Herbert Hainer, CEO of Adidas said that this investment will provide customers a world-class sports experience.

Runstatic was founded in 2009 in Austria and quickly became one of the most popular fitness apps, serving nearly 70 million registered users.

Runtastic Director General assured members that Adidas will not interfere with the development department, so no one will feel the difference after the completion of the transaction.

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