Amazon may launch a program similar to Nexus

Amazon is trying to negotiate with major manufacturers to integrate their own software in its next smartphone.

Amazon may launch a program similar to Nexus

It is reported that the company is discussing the work with technological giants to introduce their services in Android is much deeper than a way to pre-install applications. Given the failure of the Fire Phone device, Amazon needs a new plan for the return of the smartphone market.

By and large, Amazon is looking for a way to start their own Nexus-program, working with a hardware partner to produce a smartphone that embodies the vision of a software company.

As a result, we will see the Fire Phone, but from a different manufacturer, though it is not clear whether the new devices running the Fire OS operating system, or it could be modified firmware with integrated Amazon services.

In any case, it is too early to assume anything and still waiting for new information from Amazon representatives.

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