Android 6.0 will take care of your safety

Google is constantly trying to simplify or improve the lives of Android users. And, apparently, «good corporate» this is not enough, because the company has decided to take care of the safety of users.

Android 6.0 will take care of your safety

The thing is that since Android 6.0 Developer’s Preview 2, the operating system have the opportunity to exhibit special behavior when the user dials the number 911, or another registered emergency number.

As soon as the user dials a number, for example, rescue services, the service name will appear on the screen, along with a GPS-map and marked the location of the caller on it. This is great – in an emergency, people often feel a lot of stress and can quickly call address.

Of course, modern rescue service can find the approximate location of the person who’s calling, but all the same, will be faster and sometimes more precisely, if the user would call the place where he was.

Now this functionality is available in the US, but you can expect a huge probability that with the release of the final version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the function will be available in other countries.

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