Android Auto acquired a new member

Android Auto acquired a new member

Android Auto continues to steadily gain momentum and Kia is a new automaker, which has decided to join the new platform.

Android Auto acquired a new member

Speaking at the Geneva International Motor Show, Kia unveiled the company that they will offer automobiles with Android Auto to its model number that goes on the end of 2017.

First with Android Auto Kia hybrid SUV will be announced as part of the company’s plans to release a number of environmentally friendly cars, which they will offer in 2020.

The car will make its debut in the third quarter of 2016. Optima Plug-In Hybrid and Optima Sportswagon will become the next vehicle that will receive support Android Auto and will appear in the next year.

Along with Android Auto, range of cars will also come with their own navigation and entertainment system. Service called TomTom offers upgrade paths to monitor, control speed, weather, and other pieces of information that are likely to be of interest to users. The service will be available for free during the first seven years.

Apparently, the smart system becomes the main characteristic of a commercial for the 2016 and Android Auto finally comes to the car market.

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