Android Auto Hyundai Sonata 2015 in a few clicks

If you want to get new features and install them in your car, a trip to the dealer is a necessity. Hyundai has decided to deprive the burden of all owners  Sonata in 2015, allowing them to upgrade their infotainment system to work with Android Auto with fast downloads and USB-stick.

Android Auto Hyundai Sonata 2015 in a few clicks

The owners of this model can log on site and download updates with a few clicks. After copying software on the flash drive, the owner simply by connecting a USB flash drive to the machine via USB-port.

After 40 minutes, it takes so much update, enjoy Android Auto in his car.

Over, these manipulations are not convenient, such as a Tesla cars that get updates «air» via Wi-Fi, but still allows to save time and gasoline.

This procedure is not too complex in its implementation, however, Hyundai, taking care of their customers, released step by step video instructions, which you can see below.

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