Android earn advertising more than iOS



According to the report for the first quarter in 2015, Android has become the most successful in terms of sales of the mobile operating system of advertising.

The study, entitled State of Mobile Advertising, which has resulted in about mobile advertising report was carried out by Opera Mediaworks.

Android earn advertising more than iOS

For many years, received the palm operating system from Apple, which was the leader in revenue for advertising on mobile devices. In this case, advertising on Android has always been more, but it does not bring as much profit.

But earlier this year the situation has changed. According to the study, 45.8% of all revenues from advertising on mobile devices, Google has received from its Android mobile system. The gap between iOS was minimal: a mobile operating system from Apple received a share of 45.4% in revenue.

In this case, Android is not yet able to achieve iOS results on the level of monetization of advertising. «apple» product gives a much better balance between advertising revenue and the number of her hits. The highest score on this indicator takes the iPad with a ratio of 4: 1. In addition, while on Android is not highly developed mobile video ads: iOS overtook «green robot» and the traffic volume and the revenue from the sale of advertising videos.

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