Android N can get & ldquo; free windows & ldquo;

Android N can get & ldquo; free windows & ldquo;

Some time passed since Google officially introduced Android N Developer’s Preview, and with it, the factory became available operating system images. During the first phase of the preliminary version for Android N application developers opened a lot of new features, in particular, the long-awaited dvuokonny mode.

Android N can get & ldquo; free windows & ldquo;

Of course, the dual-screen mode is one of the most popular features for the new version of Android, but Google also mentioned the new and still not available to a function that is already in the Developer’s Preview.

Most likely, the new feature will be available for tablets that open the possibility of using multiple applications at the same time: in addition to the initial two applications can open multiple windows, which can be displayed on top of the interface and scalable so that users can resize them, as it was done in a Remix OS.

In fact, Google creates a version of Android that can provide expertise on the use of desktop solutions. Thus, users will be able to get the opportunity to work with Android as a PC, but also have direct access to the Android-applications.

So in a sense, Android N will compete Jide, which provide the opportunity within the Remix OS, which can be installed not only on tablets, but also on the PC.

While there is no way to get this feature and there is no indication that Google will actually include it in future builds for developers, but even more so, in the final version of the operating system.

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