Android N can get the name Nayyappam

Google is looking for the official name for the next generation of its mobile operating system, which is called Android N. In search of inspiration, the company turned to its users, so they made their proposals, and now, this initiative brings interesting results.

Android N can get the name Nayyappam

It seems, Google does not intend to break the tradition of naming each OS iteration after the dessert, at least until there are no more letters of the English alphabet. Each user can suggest a name for the upcoming Android N on its official website. You can vote until June 9 and you’d better hurry, because the Indians vigorously campaigning for the name of the next Android in honor of local sweets.

Many fans of the operating system from the southern Indian state of Kerala is campaigning to be called Android N after the name of the local dessert Neyyappam. Neyyappam – is a dessert made of rice and palm sugar, which is now one of the favorites in the next version of the OS name from Google, together with Nectarine, Nachos and Navy Bean.

The campaign is rapidly gaining momentum, and if during this period, nothing will change, soon we will see Android version of the logo, as you can see above.

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