Android N: Known Issues

The announcement of the new version of the operating system – one of the most important days on the Android calendar. Of course, this is only a preliminary version of Android N, which is primarily intended for developers to better cope with the changes and to ensure a wider scale feedback on various errors and problems that may arise.

Android N: Known Issues

However, regular users of Android-devices is not prohibited to download images of the new operating system and test the latest features that are offered with Android N. But if you plan to use the preview for developers, you should know what problems may arise. Luckily, Google has a detailed list of bugs.

In a footnote to release Google warned that the performance of applications and the whole system may periodically slow down, and the system can go to sleep and did not respond for a while.

Google also added that the longer you use Developer’s Preview, the more obvious it becomes that particular issue. In addition, some applications will not work in Android N, including a number of Google applications. For example, you can not use Android Pay.

To the list of known problems is added the fact that the battery life depends on usage split screen.

In fact, this is only a basic problem and Google notes that there are a number of problems with calls, the user interface system, Android for Work, keyboard, video playback, wireless Internet, Bluetooth pairing and NFC.

A more detailed description of the problem published the link below.

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