Android Pay will be launched in a few weeks

Android Pay will be launched in a few weeks

Mobile Android Pay payment system will soon be available for Android users. At least, Google says so.

Android Pay will be launched in a few weeks

The search giant has decided to place a teaser for the upcoming launch of the service. But instead of the usual posting to a blog, the company placed an image in the Google Wallet program.

In addition to information about what Android Pay will be launched in the next few weeks, according to the teaser, which is Google Wallet will be the application for payment.

Teaser Time is consistent with the leakage from Verizon, according to which, Android Pay debut on 16 September.

On the other hand, it is possible that the paying service can be run in conjunction with the announcement of the Nexus with 5X, which is expected, will present on 29 September.

In order to maintain the security of transactions, Android Pay will use virtual account numbers instead of credit card numbers. The service will show the exact time, place and amount of each transaction made through the Android Pay.

Also, if the user’s smartphone is stolen or lost, the remote control will enable Android to block or even delete the account details.

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