Android Studio received mazhoronoe update

Update Android Studio not issued in November of last year. The program is in beta testing, but only now working version was made available to all.

Android Studio received mazhoronoe update

Leap from v1.5 to v2.0 enough to predperemestit that this could be the biggest IDE update since the launch, and the list of changes is confirmed.

Many improvements have been made to speed up assembly time. Measures have been taken to avoid excessive assemblies, especially those that can be cached from the previous process.

Packaging, too, was accelerated by eliminating the resources not needed for a particular assembly. Also, a new Shrinker tool, and ADB-optimized protocol for faster communication with a new emulator.

Improved performance is not limited to the acceleration of the assembly process, there is a lot of what makes the new emulator is quite attractive.

But it’s not just about speed, there are many new features such as a convenient zooming and scaling type emulator, simplified to use controls, support for Drag&Drop and several new exercise machines, for example, to reproduce the conditions of a telephone call, changing GPS coordinates and more.

Appeared GPU-profiles, which helps to keep track of how the graphics accelerator renders, and therefore much easier to detect and diagnose errors in the code or problems with textures.

In the appendix there are also a huge improvement of language support, code review, source control plug-ins, and unit testing.

2nd beta release has already been sent to Android Studio Canary Channel, and is expected to Beta Channel for a few days.

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