Android users protect against phishing attacks



Google wants to make the use of mobile devices on Android as a possible safer, so the company launched a new personal data protection tool.

Now there is a plugin called Password Alert (Password Protector), which can be installed as an additional function to Google Chrome. This program controls the use of your data for Google, and sees to it that they have not been used by attackers. Once it is found that your password is used somewhere else suspicious activity is blocked, and you are asked to change your password.

Android users protect against phishing attacks

Google insists on the need to install software for password protection, since phishing attacks are very effective and successful in the end 45% of the cases. Posts intruders who want to get users passwords from accounts that are sent daily by millions, and from 100 of your Posts 2 trying to lure your personal information. Such an attack can result in failure, for example, breaking a bank account.

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