Another vulnerability of Android found at the Black Hat conference

All last week, Android users is a concern vulnerability Stagefright. It was discovered this week a new «hole»Already owners of devices with fingerprint scanners. And now, Black Hat conference in 2015 brought another disappointing news.

Another vulnerability of Android found at the Black Hat conference

Specialists of the company found another ChekPoint method of stealing personal data from Android-devices. It lies in the vulnerability Certifi-gate, which gives privileged access to the applications that can remotely control the smartphone or tablet.

Many of the existence of such a certificate could cause confusion. But the use of these rights is quite a good thing, because it can be used to find a lost device or to block it.

With the break-through Certifi-gate hackers can not only steal data, but also to get complete control on the device, including location tracking, and camera control.

Unfortunately, Android does not offer any way to remove or disable the certificate. For full protection you need to make the security update. Now all the companies that have the vulnerability, are working on the release of a patch for their devices.

But do not despair, because not all smartphones and tablets are subject to hacking through Certifi-gate. To check your device, now ChekPoint was developed an application that is already available in Google Play.

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