Apple lawsuit against Samsung continues

As you know, the dispute between Apple and Samsung for patent infringement last company, comes the first year. Earlier this month, we have seen how Apple Samsung agreed to compensate the damage. But if you thought that the legal scandal Apple and the Samsung, ended, we have bad news for you.

Apple lawsuit against Samsung continues

After this month, Samsung paid $ 548 million. To settle their previous penalties, Apple demanded an additional $ 180 million.

New amount includes additional losses, ie losses from patent infringement after the date of the jury, which is $ 178.7 million. Plus another $ 1.2 million. Loss before judgment. Of course, Samsung will dispute this claim in court.

Five devices listed Apple’s complaint include Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket. Company Apple claims that Samsung have her $ 6.14 million. Because of the extra sales of the device after the verdict.

Other modelyamm, cast by Apple’s, are the Samsung Epic 4G Touch ($ 97 million), Samsung Galaxy S II T-Mobile ($ 74.7 million), Samsung DROID Charge ($ 620,000) and the Samsung Galaxy Prevail ($ 167500).

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