ARM Cortex-A32 presented

Today, ARM announced a new processor core, 32-bit Cortex-A32, designed for handheld devices and replacing the Cortex-the A5 and Cortex-A7.

ARM Cortex-A32 presented

Cortex-A32 is a low power ARM-core for the ARMv8 processors. Usually ARMv8 develop kernel with support for 64-bit computing, but the Cortex-A32 offers a 32-bit version.

In contrast to the Cortex-R8, announced last week, the new product is intended for more productive tasks, which also require ultra-high energy efficiency. It is unlikely that this capacity will be enough for a smartphone, but it has been specifically designed for handheld devices and IoT.6

ARM was able to achieve 25% more energy efficiency compared to the Cortex-A7, which allows to combine the higher performance and lower power consumption than ever before.

The encryption and streaming scenarios, ARM state significant performance improvement, suggesting that the novelty can reach about the same power as Cortex-A35, having 10% more energy efficient.

Although we have seen the transition of several portable devices on 64-bit architecture, ARM expects that the vast majority of embedded devices are still on 32-bit systems.

Thus ARM offers developers an optimized chip which shows the performance and energy efficiency that they need, without the specifications that would be redundant.

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