ARM introduced a new display processor

The last few years, displays have been one of the fastest growing mobile technology. Not so long ago we saw smartphones with HD-resolution display and now appeared on the market with the Xperia Z5 Prime 4K-screen TV. Recently, ARM launched a mobile display processor, which is optimized for the current generation of solutions.

ARM introduced a new display processor

The display processor Mali-DP650 supports the resolution 2560×1600 pixels 2560h1440 and promotes a flawless transmission of the smallest detail on smartphones and tablets, and is preparing for the panels with a resolution of 4K.

The display processor is a key component inside your smartphone, as it translates digital content is processed by the CPU and the GPU, in the picture.

ARM uses a special mode to increase the data rate. Variable refresh rate is also available to improve energy efficiency, which is especially useful for mobile applications.

The debate about whether is actually equipped with 4K displays, smartphones, still raging, but ARM is quite keen on the idea. DP650 can also be a prime candidate for inclusion in the Android-ustroystvav having HDMI-output.

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