ARM test chip using 10-nm process technology

ARM test chip using 10-nm process technology

processor development is not in place, and in addition to increasing the number of cores and frequencies, a particularly important role played by the technological process of production. Samsung has already begun testing the 10-nm chipsets, today announced the ARM processor using 10-nm FinFET.

ARM test chip using 10-nm process technology

The physical design of the test chip has been finalized and sent to the company TSMC in late 2015, and the company expects to real products in the near future. The test chip from ARM uses four new core, called the Artemis, and it is quite natural, given that the company is developing a test version.

The transition to 10-nanometer production process – is the next step in an effort to reduce the size of the transistors used in processors. At the same time the company will be able to give odds to the partners of the company, when it comes to producing their own decisions with Artemis cores, because all the tools and the data will be transferred to the companies.

The ratio of power and performance test of 10-nm processor cores Artemis will be better than the 16 nm chipset with Cortex-A72 cores, which is good for consumers in terms of battery life and speed of the device.

It is expected that by using the 10-nm process technology, the Artemis kernel will work with a frequency of about 2.7 or 2.8 GHz, however, if the CPU with these cores will be built using 16-nanometer process, supported frequencies will be even higher than in the same chipset Cortex-A72.

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