ASUS equip your browser AdBlock Plus

Not long ago, Apple has allowed the owners of iOS devices to download applications that block advertisements on the Internet. But if we talk about Android, then for its users the opportunity is present for a long time. It seems, ASUS decided to go further.

ASUS equip your browser AdBlock Plus

Since 2016, users have purchased a smartphone or tablet from ASUS, will have AdBlock Plus, loaded in the standard default browser. Ad Blockers creates considerable problems of small Internet companies that depend on advertising revenue.

On the other hand, 15 million people using the browser from ASUS – a drop in the ocean compared to the much larger number of users of Chrome and Safari users, but the fact that such a decision is a precedent that irritates some developers.

This may also motivate other manufacturers go to such actions.

ASUS The idea is to allow smartphone users to regain control over the work on the Internet. Although AdBlock allows specific ads displayed for that advertisers will have to abide by certain rules, to the size, placement and content of the advertisement was acceptable.

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