Asus Taiwan has become a leader among the brands

Chinese manufacturers, along with South Korean, are on the list of leading companies in the market. However, do not forget about the Taiwanese companies, which can offer customers good products.

Asus Taiwan has become a leader among the brands

According to a list published by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, Asus is a leading brand in the country is estimated at 1.78 billion US dollars. In many respects it is a merit of the global launch of the smartphone Asus ZenFone 2, the first smart phone that is offered with 4 GB of RAM. Another mobile company in the list is the company Acer, which is estimated at $ 580 million.

The sixth in the list with a value of $ 453 million is HTC. The long-suffering producer just released HTC One A9, which may become “lifeline“ products, which will help HTC to make a profit. Manufacturer MediaTek chips ranked ninth on the list, valued at $ 354 million.

Ministry of Economic Affairs of the lists according to Interbrand estimates, a British company specializing in brands. According to Taiwan’s economic agency, the top 20 brands in Taiwan in 2015 is estimated at $ 8,956 billion. This is by 2.6% more than the cost of the top 20 firms in Taiwan, which has been calculated in the past year.

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