Became known emoticons that appear in Android

Earlier this week, Hiroshi Lokheymer Googler who manages departments Android, Chrome OS, and your Chromecast, said that we can expect new emoticons on your Nexus device next week.

Became known emoticons that appear in Android

This will be possible thanks to the renewal of the system, which will include a new keyboard and fonts. However, exactly what emoticons are available with the update, and it was not made public.

Reddit user has created a script to get new emoticons from the Hangouts app, which you can see below.

Back in October, Lokheymer wrote on Twitter, that they have begun work on adding new emoji to Android. Unfortunately, the vice president did not share the exact release date of the update.

It seems Lokheymera team took just over a month to make an update ready for distribution. The announcement was made shortly after Apple started to update their devices to iOS 9.1. which brought a lot of new and interesting emoticons.

Given that the updates from Google traditionally begin on Wednesday, we expect that users will receive the new Nexus keyboard, fonts and emoji on this day.

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