Became known Nokia plans for 2017

In terms of buying a Nokia mobile division of the company Microsoft, the Finnish manufacturer is prohibited to produce mobile devices until the end of 2016. But the Nokia CEO, Rajeev Suri, the company hopes to return to the mobile market.

Became known Nokia plans for 2017

Previously, Nokia has sold its navigation service Here Maps automakers who want to use them to help develop self-managed vehicles.

In addition, the company bought the manufacturer Alcatel-Lucent network equipment, as a result of becoming a leader in technology-5G. However Nokia Technologies has extensive patent library.

So in the end Nokia account, for their part, are not interested in the restoration of the smartphone that the organization, which they sold at Microsoft.

Instead, Nokia wants to give the production and marketing of smart phones to third parties, while Nokia will develop the design and provide brand.

General Director Suri says that any new smartphone should feel like a Nokia model. «We do not just want to put logos on someone’s device. It should feel like Nokia, which Nokia has been known», – Said director general.

Suri initially hoped to conclude a partnership at the end of last year, but this did not happen. But the CEO also added that they are not in a hurry, especially since the company has developed a ten-year plan more 2014.

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