Became known to the new Galaxy S7 Specifications

Once it became known that Samsung is going to release the Galaxy S7, many insiders began hunting for leaks on this smartphone. Now joined by Wall Street Journal.

Became known to the new Galaxy S7 Specifications

According to the report Wall Street Journal, the Samsung company, will add to its upcoming line of displays of smartphones, touch sensitivity.

In addition, future devices will receive connector USB Type-C, support for fast charging, as well as retinal eye scanner. The first smartphones with similar specifications will be Galaxy S7 series.

Although the report did not specified displays with Force Touch, we can expect that the next generation of Samsung screens of smartphones will be able to recognize several pressing levels performing different actions.

Also, Wall Street Journal notes that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Plus can receive a memory card slot.

However, this is just an unofficial information, so we have to wait until Samsung officially announce the next series of smartphones.

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