Biometric processor Samsung entered the production

Back in November, Samsung has introduced its new bioprocessor to meet the growing demand for product traceability health. And now the company has announced that its new chip went into mass production, paving the way for the first product.

Biometric processor Samsung entered the production

The structure of the processor all-in-one is still the only solution on the market. Nevertheless, the structure of the biometric processor can measure parameters such as muscle mass, body fat percentage, frequency, heart rate, skin temperature, and stress level.

Combining these individual measurements can include new examples of use for health monitoring applications.

So, what are the advantages of opportunities to fit everything on one chip? This can mean more cost effective manufacture and it can also lead to thinning smart hours or improvement of the duration of a single charge.

Unfortunately, Samsung has not yet prepared to tell us what products will receive the new processor, but they did note that the chipset will be released on the market in the first half of 2016.

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