BlackBerry BlackBerry promotional video posted Priv

Priv BlackBerry smartphone, the first BlackBerry device running the Android operating system, can be considered as a successful device. Nevertheless, the company continues to attract attention to their machine, and now the network has one more Promo video featuring Priv.

The new TV commercial, which is released for Priv, shows the process of assembling the device. Perhaps the audience should get the feeling that the components inside the slider is well protected from falls.

Thus the company is trying to show the additional benefits of the device. But despite the resistance to damage, future users should keep in mind that the smartphone has no protection against water. Perhaps the next generation of the series will boast the IP-certification.

We also learned that in the near future, the smartphone will be sold in the largest mobile operator in the United States, the Verizon company, and it can mean increasing the number of shipped units. Verizon version has already passed FCC certification.

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