BlackBerry Director was interviewed by Fox Business

Director of the BlackBerry, John Chen, spoke at Fox Business program, which answered a few questions, saying that the BlackBerry Priv developed within two years.

BlackBerry Director was interviewed by Fox Business

Chen said that it was the market response to the Priv talk like BlackBerry should continue to work in the hardware business. He said that the BlackBerry has a range of products, for example, this Android-version of the BlackBerry Passport.

Images of the device leaked earlier this year, along with the assumption that the BlackBerry will release a variation depending on how much will sell Priv.

John Chen also answered a reporter’s question Liz Kleiman if he could guarantee that the BlackBerry device never hacked. Chen said that it would be naive to expect that BlackBerry smartphones are not hacked. «With the server software that manages all devices, this smartphone would be much harder to crack»- Said Chen.

BlackBerry is also Director-General considers that the younger buyers of smartphones will appreciate Priv. Unfortunately, what John Chen says appealing to the younger generation does not seem to coincide with a fairly conservative marketing that uses a BlackBerry so far.

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