BlackBerry emulator presented Priv

A distinctive feature of BlackBerry products is a physical QWERTY-keyboard. Developers can now use this equipment to the full, because the BlackBerry emulator released Priv.

BlackBerry emulator presented Priv

The emulator works with the latest version of Android Studio and SDK tools. In addition to the simulation of a physical keyboard, the emulator also gives developers access to the volume control buttons and activate. Emulator becomes accessible by adding skins BlackBerry Priv virtual Android Studio Manager devices.

BlackBerry Priv is the first device to the BlackBerry, which runs on Android operating system. The company has decided to release an Android device after the decrease in the number of applications available for BlackBerry devices has led to a significant reduction in the number of their customers.

Thus BlackBerry hopes to recapture the user base that would use a physical keyboard, but they could not go to the BlackBerry because of the small number of software. This emulator should be another step towards the development of motivation to use the hardware features Priv serious way.

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