BlackBerry Priv may be the last smartphone company

In a group interview at the conference Code / Mobile, the BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, made some very interesting statements about the future of the company.

BlackBerry Priv may be the last smartphone company

Cheng said that the BlackBerry aims to sell five million smartphones a year, is the threshold that would allow them to reach a mobile unit profitability. Apparently, the upcoming BlackBerry Priv will take most of the required volume.

On the basis of the latest report on the company’s earnings, which confirmed that the BlackBerry was able to sell only 800,000 smartphones in the second quarter of the fiscal year, it seems, the manufacturer has high hopes for Priv.

Chen said that if the company does not meet this goal, the BlackBerry does not make sense to enter the smart phone market. In other words, if the BlackBerry Priv fails, then it may well be the latest smartphone BlackBerry.

If this is so, then the BlackBerry to focus on business as a provider of security technology for other platforms such as Apple’s iOS or Android from Google.

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