BlackBerry reported for the third quarter

History of BlackBerry in the mobile market has been long and difficult, but unlike many other industry giants, the Canadian giant has managed to keep its business. After a long period of steady decline now appears Company course correction finally began working with a new rising hope for a return to profitability.

BlackBerry reported for the third quarter

The good news was evident after the publication of financial results of the third quarter, which showed a 13 percent increase in profits.

This has been achieved through strategic marketing and investment in software and hardware, as well as taking a bold step in the world of Android with BlackBerry Priv.

The air of optimism, of course, present in the company, so much so that the CEO, John Chen predicted a return to sustained profitability in 2017.

As to the Priv, certainly a bold experiment proved successful. Although sales figures show that the BlackBerry has sold fewer devices during the quarter, Chen confirmed that the transition to Android – it’s really an opportunity and did save a lot of production costs.

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