BlackBerry talked about Priv security

BlackBerry will start sending its first Android-powered device by the end of this week. Many buyers were waiting for the day when they can use Android on equipment manufactured by BlackBerry.

BlackBerry talked about Priv security

As pointed out by the company in the commercial, Android is a popular operating system, but at the same time, 98% of malware attacks falls on this operating system. This forces the BlackBerry devices to inform users about security.

BlackBerry argue that the monthly security updates from Google will be immediately sent via OTA. Some resellers will also work on getting quick approval for the dispatch of these security updates for Priv owners.

However, some problems Android simply can not wait a whole month. To solve these problems, the BlackBerry will perform the fix yourself. The manufacturer says it will be able to send patches directly to all owners of Priv.

It appears, the BlackBerry to give this issue a lot of attention, and now will be able to ensure the safety of operating even such as the Android.

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