BlackBerry will report for the 3rd quarter December 18

Although BlackBerry is quite successful in the security market, the company’s mobile business is experiencing hard times. Perhaps the reason for that is the operating system that does not appeal to most users. This BlackBerry pushed a desperate step – launching a smartphone running the Android operating system. It seems that soon we will be able to know was whether the success is the company’s decision.

BlackBerry will report for the 3rd quarter December 18

BlackBerry is planning an event, which will report its financial results for the third quarter of the fiscal year.

The event will start on 18 December in the case concerned miss the live broadcast, replay will be available for two more weeks, until January 3.

Market analysts and investors will be curious to find out how to run the numbers affected BlackBerry Priv.

Rumors claimed that the Canadian company may withdraw from the mobile market, depending on the success or failure of a high-slider.

Thus, the report may also shed light on whether the BlackBerry remains in the segment of mobile devices.

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