BMW could sue Google for trademark Alphabet

Google’s announcement of the restructuring and the creation of a public company Alphabet caught most people by surprise. These include German automaker BMW, which has a brand name «Alphabet» as the title of one of its subsidiaries. It can develop into a legal battle with Google for the brand.

BMW could sue Google for trademark Alphabet

BMW also owns the domain name, which Google had to change, using the URL-address, at the official site.

A spokesman for BMW said Tuesday that the automaker had not received notice of the plans, Mr. Page and Mr. Brin set up a company under the name Alphabet and has not received any offers to buy the Internet domain name or trade mark.

«We do not plan to sell the domain», – Said Michael Sendstede, representative of BMW in Munich. She describes  website as a «very active» part  Alphabet business enterprise.

Sendstede added that BMW is now studying whether there have been any violations of the rights to the trademark.

As Google is also involved in the automotive industry with its project and the Auto Google Android Auto, BMW might argue that Google uses «Alphabet»To create confusion among the customers of the German automaker.

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