Boston Dynamics showed the next generation of Atlas

Google Boston Dynamics, the people that created the unusual but wonderful robot, introduced today a common view on what are called “Next Generation” Atlas of the robot.

Boston Dynamics showed the next generation of Atlas

The new generation of Atlas prednaznachenl to work both indoors and outdoors, and the company says, it weighs as much as 180 pounds (81 kg).

The height of the new versions of the Atlas is 5 feet 9 inches (172 cm), and it has sensors throughout the body to help it balance, as well as stereo and optical sensors in the head, to avoid obstacles, to explore the surrounding area and to navigate.

In the video below you can see all the features of the latest generation of Atlas. Although new technologies, however, Atlas still subjected to abuse by humans. The video shows how people knocked out of the hands of a robot thing and push it.

In the past, Boston Dynamics robot shared their video Atlas, who repeated the scene from a popular movie «The Karate Kid»And behaved like a dog. In December last year, the company has shared a video with a pretty terrible trio of robotic dogs pulling sleds and wished us “happy Holidays”.

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