By 2020, 40 million cars will be running Android



Analysts predict that in 5 years the number of drivers who prefer to use Android Auto, will increase by more than 60 times.

This is stated in the report of the company BI Intelligence, which investigated the prospects of development of mobile platforms in cars.

By 2020, 40 million cars will be running Android

Now the software market for automotive multimedia systems dominated MirrorLink. It is used more than a million drivers probably due to the fact that it has long been on the market and has been pre-installed on many devices.

But last year she had serious competition from Google and Apple-giant companies. Google released Android Auto, and Apple – CarPlay. Now the share of these systems on the automotive media market is not as big as could be expected. Apple CarPlay used 860,000 motorists Android Auto – even less, around 650 thousand.

Analysts predict that in the next 5 years the situation has radically changed. MirrorLink will no longer be used as a pre-installed in car multimedia systems, so it will be replaced Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Due to the fact that the two operating systems is much easier and more familiar to most people, but also because of the close association of automotive systems with a smartphone motorist, they will become very popular among drivers.

The researchers believe that Google’s system will be equal in terms of the use of Apple’s development in the next year, and 2017 will be more popular. By 2020, Google Auto system of predicting the use of 40 million vehicles, and Apple CarPlay will have about 37 million users.

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