Software for root Rights

Software for root rights

Here is a list of the main programs to install root rights on devices running Android.

Why do I need to root and what is it? Detailed in this article.

The list of programs for Ruta

  • Framaroot
  • Zykuroot
  • Rootkhp Pro
  • Kingo root
  • BaiduRoot
  • root Genius
  • Hisuite
  • rom manager
  • Clockworkmod
  • SuperSU
  • adb Run
  • Ioroot
  • Bin4ry
  • Eroot
  • Odin
  • CF-Root
  • Towelroot
  • TWRPManager APK
  • Fastboot
  • Unlockroot
  • root kit
  • DingDong
  • Nexus root toolkit


Check for root Rights

Check for root rights

Today we understand as check is there a root rights on your smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system. Suppose what you have found the tutorial to obtain root rights  on the website rootgadget and all met on the steps, now it is advisable to check whether you did the right thing and have root access.
What is root and what opportunities appear after its receipt is described here here

How to do a background check? You can immediately to put programs requiring root rights, but a more reliable option to see the video and download checker, mentioned there.

Reducing battery consumption

Reducing battery consumption

In this article, the site rootgadget  tells how to set a limit on the consumption of the battery in your Android smartphone or tablet c using Tasker – this app is a task scheduler. This application requires to receive root law. About why we need superuser read there.

Usually when we write SMS, call and use the notes we do not need all the power quad-core processor. Therefore, I propose to limit the increase in the frequency of the processor in simple applications that do not require exorbitant power.

Set up saving correctly

  • Download and Run Tasker
  • Create the first context, select the item time
    Reducing battery consumption
  • Exhibit hours in that context will be active
    Reducing battery consumption
  • Go back to the main menu and create a new Tasker task
    Reducing battery consumption
  • For this task, it is necessary to add an action to select different -gt; A CPU (central processing unit)
    Reducing battery consumption
  • Reduce the clock frequency on your own, I dropped a little
    Reducing battery consumption
  • Now go back to the main menu and add the application you created in the context that will be bound by these rules and to work at a reduced frequency
    Reducing battery consumption

    Reducing battery consumption

  • Select the desired application from the list and add
    Reducing battery consumption

For games and video player, you can create the same context with the rules, but only to increase the frequency that it’s not slow down.

Overclock CPU frequency

Overclock CPU frequency

After buying a new smartphone or tablet you navryadli thought that the time will come and it will start to slow down video hang of the game, technical developments do not stand still, it’s time to consider increasing the clock frequency the processor of your Android smartphone. As an option to buy a new device . but it is unnecessary spending.

To be able to overclock the processor must Root have rights. About what other opportunities are root rights and why they . can be found in Another article. Search  Root on your smartphone, you can search through the site. 

Overclock the processor on Android

We need to disperse Antutu Cpu Master – program is available for free in google play market.
After the jump, and run the application in the main window, we see the sliders Max and Min, moving on max you improve performance, but reduce operating time battery I think it is quite logical. Moving the slider to the minimum  everything will happen vice versa. To play new demanding the game can put everything on maximum and then return back.

To save your time fix overclocked CPU frequency, putting daw "Set on boot" . now it does not fly off after a reboot. Do not raise frequency by more than 25%, otherwise there is a risk of overheating and death your device, in which case the repair will cost more than buying a new phone.

What to how to root Rights

What to get root rights

Acquired smartphone running Android and want to get root right, but still don’t quite understand why you need them? rootgadget will help you to understand.
Once you get root or root access, you will be able on the other to see features of the Android operating system and your device. For example, to optimize performance and increase response from the device, to keep the battery longer than usual. The complete list with examples see below.

 What opportunities provide root rights

  • Remove annoying advertising  appearing in games and ‘re
  • The vehicle accelerates processor clock (will give a significant performance gain) (look here)
  • Extension offline the battery , this can be done, disabling  the unnecessary startup applications that eats CPU time and memory. As well as disabling unnecessary system apps.
  • The ability to delete system application imposed operating system Android, thus freeing memory.
  • Automation of routine and routine
  • Creating your own firmware
  • Hide the on-screen buttons Android (here)
  • And more a lot of interesting opportunities

List often used and largely universal tool to gain root can be found here.
For those who are suddenly useless root rights they can always be removed.

Check for root rights on the video , watch full.

How to hide the onscreen buttons

How to hide the onscreen buttons

In this article, I’ll give you screen release. We Are hide screen buttons on Android smartphones also they can be called virtual, they are occupy a lot of precious space on our not very large screens.

To begin the process of hidden buttons get root rights on your device. For those who want to read about the possibilities of root rights you this way.

Hide buttons

Download APK application FullScreenToggle and Set your smartphone.
After starting you will see two buttons – disable the buttons on the screen "Disable nav bar, full screen"  and "Enable nav bar"  – Enable them.  Click on the "Disable", Do a reboot and everything.

How to hide the onscreen buttons

Unfortunately quite without virtual Buttons us can not do,  there is a way to create a hidden alternate buttons that will  appear when you click on a specific, you specify area of ​​the screen,  the size and location of these buttons you choose. To do this, download the application LMT.

How to hide the onscreen buttons

If you do not had to taste application LMT, you can download analogue entitled full! screen.
It carries the same functionality, but with its raisins. Chip full! Screen is to set different actions at a time. For example, to cause the calculator long, open for a short note.

How to hide the onscreen buttons


Removing root Rights

Removing root rights

Unroot – this is the procedure for removing (deleting) root rights.  Why do Unroot? If you want for some reason to take your device to a service center or to just exchange it at the store, you will have to remove it root rights, in General, to return everything as it was up to you, as any intervention , whether flashing or getting root rights , automatically leads to the failure of the store warranty.

How to remove root rights

Remove root rights are in many popular programs , for example, Kingo, Vroot and many others.

  • To make unroot it is best to use the same program for which you received root access.
  • If something does not work, you can always reflash the device is the standard firmware , the one that was in the shop.  In the end, when you surrender your Android smartphone back in the cabin, no one will suspect you will change or they will give the money without any problems.

To familiarize post the video on the universal unroot in English , but the actions of the user clear and it is easy to repeat.