CEO Google defended the Apple

A couple of days ago, a federal judge ruled that Apple should provide assistance to the authorities in unlocking iPhone 5s, which belonged to Farooq Saeed – one of the two shooters in the recent terrorist attack. The data on your phone will be used to investigate, as the authorities are looking for accomplices or with other organizations.

CEO Google defended the Apple

A Apple came in the form of an open letter written by the company’s CEO, Tim Cook. In it, Tim Cook says that if Apple would have helped in this particular case, it will create a dangerous precedent, undermining decades of work that engineers make to the security system.

The problem here is that Apple has absolutely no way to override the security of locked on the iPhone. In order for this to be done, you need to write special firmware, and the existence of such software would expose millions of users of the threat of malicious attacks.

Today, the executive director of Google’s Sundar Pichai published several tweets in support of the Apple company’s decision not to unlock iPhone 5s terrorist. In their reports, he said that Google is building safe products that keep user information safe.

But in a place with this company really provides information to law enforcement authorities when there are legal questions. However, Pichai said that forcing companies to hack the whole device, then start playing a dangerous game.

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