CEO OnePlus Carl Pei told about the new smartphone

Couchreditel of One Plus Carl Pei told in his interview to the publication USA Today, that the next smartphone OnePlus will be presented later this year, possibly at Christmastime. The Executive Director also said that perhaps it will be mini-model, however, there are rumors about some OnePlus X with a screen resolution 1440h2560 pixels, which can be extended version announced «killer champions».

CEO OnePlus Carl Pei told about the new smartphone

Previously, Carl was interviewed by Bloomberg, in which he said that the second device 2015 from OnePlus will be created for those who value design above functionality. When the co-founder of OnePlus saw a prototype of the future devices, it wanted to use it for everyday tasks, but changed his mind shortly after OnePlus 2.

In an interview with Carl Pei also said that in addition to his company, soon the market will remain only Samsung and Apple’s, other manufacturers of smartphones «die» due to the inability to get enough profit from the sale. And it’s quite a strange statement for a company that sells its devices virtually at cost, but Pei said that if people will continue to choose OnePlus, earnings capacity is inevitable.

Pei also responded to critics who complained about the lack of NFC support OnePlus 2. He said that «Very few people are using NFC technology, so we removed it. It’s simple.» He added that by the time the NFC technology will begin to be widely used, and this will come through 12-18 months, according to his calculations, the device will appear in the NFC OnePlus.

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