Chinese Vivo get iris scanner



The Chinese company has disclosed information about the new flagship device – Vivo X5 Pro. It is reported that he will be able to recognize the host on the iris of the eye.

The technology that allows smartphone Vivo X5 Pro to scan the iris of the user’s eyes, called Eye ID. The manufacturer claims that this system is the most reliable for the safety of personal information. According to them, such a scanner, in contrast to the usual password (whether numeric or graphic) and the fingerprint sensor, you can not cheat.

Chinese Vivo get iris scanner

Recognition of the iris can be used as proof of identity when you unlock your phone, when you open the program with restricted access, as well as performing some other action (for example, when paying for goods from the personal account).

Vivo officially presents its new flagship on 7 May.

The Chinese company Vivo has always distinguished the love of high technology. For example, in 2013, she released the world’s first smartphone with a screen resolution of 2K, it was a revolution, and gave rise «pixel race» among the top manufacturers of smartphones, which is not going to end. For example, from an unofficial rendering it became known that the flagship PHABLET Samsung Galaxy Note 5 get 4K resolution (785 pixels per inch).

And at the end of last year the smartphone has appeared on the market Vivo 5X Max, which became the world’s thinnest. Its thickness is 4.75 mm.

In addition, Vivo will soon release a smartphone front camera with a resolution of 32 megapixels.

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