Chrome for Android supports Physical Web

Google announced support for Physical Web in Chrome for iOS since last summer and now Google has finally given the opportunity for their own platform.

Chrome for Android supports Physical Web

Physical Web – an approach that allows to interact with physical objects. Thanks to technology people can go to any smart device – automatic, posters, toys, bus stop – and get information without downloading the application. Everything should work by touch.

Chrome for Android supports Physical Web

Thus, objects that are broadcast via Bluetooth URL-addresses for each device in its range. When the smartphone with Google Chrome detects the URL-address, the user can open the Web site or Web application with one touch.

For example, users would be able to approach the web-equipped bus station, which broadcasts the URL-address bus schedules. Just passing by a number, a notice will appear, which will review it.

Of course, with this technology will be used kompaniyamm wanting to sell something. And soon, the company will send a notification every time someone walks past the shop in the mall.

In any case, the prospects for Physical Web are endless, and the fact that Google introduced support for this standard in the most popular browser in the world, will only accelerate its adoption.

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