Clash of the Titans: comparison of high-end processors

Clash of the Titans: comparison of high-end processors

Website XDA is known not only as a forum for developers, but also a site that hosts a variety of tests. This time, XDA decided to test the performance of multiple high-power devices, and got some interesting results.

Clash of the Titans: comparison of high-end processors

The site took the test smartphones iPhone 6s Plus (A9), Galaxy S7 Edge (Snapdragon 820), Samsung Galaxy Note5 (Exynos 7420), Motorola Moto X Pure Edition (Snapdragon 808), Nexus 6P and HTC One M9 (Snapdragon 810).

In the first test the performance of processors in GeekBench was measured. Over 8 rounds iPhone 6s Plus with A9 processor was remarkably consistent in the results, as the Snapdragon 820.

A9 received the highest score in the single-core test, showing a number in the range of 2512-2529. He was succeeded by Snapdragon 820 with a range of 2307-2341. Last installed in Galaxy S7 Edge, she has become a leader in multi-core test, proving that the performance does not depend on the number of cores, and their power.

At the same time, the Exynos 7420 showed a significant drop in single-core results (1472-1480), but the results of the multi-core test (5018-5148) were high enough to challenge the Snapdragon 820. Snapdragon 810 showed signs of heat regulation, since the results of the benchmark declined for eight tests.

During testing of the processor, iPhone 6s Plus and Galaxy Note5 heated up to 83 ° F. Galaxy S7 Edge reached 84 ° F, Moto X Pure Edition warmed to 88 ° F, while the Nexus 6P was the most marked in the warm 95 ° F.

Testing GPU every smartphone using 3DMark program showed that 6s Plus with PowerVR GT7600 has become a leader. After 5 tests, he also became the most warm, reaching 104 ° F, an increase of 16% from the temperature at the beginning of the test.

Adreno 530 in the Galaxy S7 Edge also showed some heat during the test, but in the last two tests pushed the A9. The temperature after the fifth test was 10% higher than at the beginning. Adreno 418 in the Moto X was criticized and it really showed the worst results in the tests. At least there was no temperature rise after five rounds.

The site did note that, despite the increase in productivity in the Snapdragon 820, the user interface Galaxy S7 Edge suffered from lag and slowdown. During the test the GPU, FPS dipped even in comparison with smartphones Snapdragon 810.

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